May 16, 2021

Best Car Rental Questions and Answers

Every summer brings about roadways full of travelers all going somewhere on vacation, many of them in a rental car. Rental cars can be great as they can be tailored to fit the needs of a certain trip you are planning. With a car rental you are free to choose whether you will need a minivan for the entire family or a cost-effective smaller car for yourself, it’s most up to you. With renting a car, there are many questions that can be covered but you can find three that usually come up every single time.

Here are the top three rental car questions and answers:

1 . QUESTION: ‘Do I have to buy the rental car insurance? ‘

SOLUTION: Obtaining rental car insurance can be pricey. In fact , there are certain instances where the insurance policy can cost you more than the rental itself. But you must keep in mind that YOU are responsible for the car you rent if any kind of damages or even theft occur while the car is in your possession. Many individuals decline to get the coverage because they assume that their personal insurance or their particular credit card has them covered, learn out later they were mistaken. In no way assume. Always check first with your insurance company and or credit card company to see if you are fully covered. If you are not, it is definitely to your advantage to buy the rental insurance, as you never know what may happen.

2 . QUESTION: ‘Is there any way to obtain a cheaper price than what I was quoted over the mobile phone? ‘

ANSWER: Absolutely yes!
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Keep in mind that when you call for a price the agent is not going to tell you about any special offers that may be going on. The first step is to inquire if they do have any unadvertised special offers. You can also go online to book your own reservation and many times this will save you money as well. While online, search for other specials like free enhancements or things of that nature the fact that car rental company may be offering. Multiple A members can almost always conserve a few bucks, but only if they tell the agent that they are associates. Lastly, call your credit card firm. Many credit card companies work hand in hand along with car rental companies and can give you a particular ‘code’ that will save you additional money.

3 or more. QUESTION: ‘How far in advance should I book my car rental? ‘

ANSWER: You should always book your car rental a minumum of one week in advance of your trip. Why? First of all you want to ensure that the vehicle you want will be available and the closer you wait until your trip, the more of an opportunity you have to get stuck with whatever will be left on the lot. Second, and more important, it may save you money. Here is another unadvertised special that the car rental companies will not tell you about. Really it really is more of supply and demand. The longer you wait, the more the car rental companies generally charge because basically they know you will pay the fee as you have small choice. What are you going to do, walk to Disney? On the flip side although, if you book in advance, the car leasing companies know you have plenty of time in order to call around and price store if you are displeased with the price of the rental and so they will offer you a lower price to try to seal the deal so to speak.

Car rental can be a headache and the car rental businesses love to play the game. If you prepare yourself and know the answers to the top car rental questions, then you will not only have the ability to play the game with them, but win the game and save yourself some time and much more importantly, money.

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