June 21, 2021

Slow Death Inside Of Nursing Homes

Sluggish murders and quick murders within nursing homes:

Please note there is an extremely important revise to this article, at the end of the article. If you are any way involved in living in or going to a nursing home or rehabilitation and care center, or when you have friends, relatives or co-workers inside of one of these places, it is vitally important that you read this complete article and the ultra-important update at the end of the article.

What is going on inside of our nursing homes and inside our physical rehabilitation centers these days would shock the average person. Right now, nowadays, while you sit in your comfortable house reading this, someone your age, someone of the background is suffering at the hands of unscrupulous staff in nursing homes and in bodily rehabilitation and care centers correct in your own city.

Just recently a friend of mine from across the country called me to tell me that her mother was put into a hospital due to bedsores. The home-health care company that was in charge of trying to help the girl and keeping her safe, ignored to turn her or move the girl every two hours and as a result of this neglect, this woman was hospitalized when the bedsores got so poor they were life-threatening. Would you think that a sore could be life-threatening.? Yes, which is especially so to seniors, fragile, ill people and to disabled people. This particular woman recently died. And she died not from illness, but from needing to be hospitalized due to terrible bedsores.

What permits this to take? Sometimes it is indifference but most times what permits the abuses to go on is the fact that people are not aware that this is happening. This article brings it to light, provides it to your attention and begs your participation in changing factors for better and asks you to definitely take small steps to save a life today.

As you are reading this, stop for just one moment and let me ask you this question: Are you among those people who do not or will not think that people are being treated so unbelievably in America? If you are, give yourself and everyone else the benefit of the doubt and read the article that is listed inside this link near the bottom from the page. Also, if you know any physicians, ask them if they would put ANY KIND OF family members inside of a nursing home. You will have your answer there.

One of the biggest reasons that residents get more harmful and sometimes die in nursing facilities is due to bedsores. And usually bedsores are a direct result from lack of treatment, lack of good nursing home management and supervision and under-staffing associated with rehabilitation and care centers. In other words, the management in these places is so lacking and so inexperienced at maintaining people healthy, that they do not maintain proper track of how often sufferers are moved and changed from side to side. Once residents are allowed to place still for hours at a time, these sufferers develop sores, which most times never ever heal. Most times, these sores can be life-threatening. How? If a resident offers diabetes or other serious bodily ailments, these sores can cause the individual to be more unhealthy and harmful to the point where they can reach near death. And the horrible truth is that every one of these sores are totally unneeded and totally avoidable. All the rehab and care centers and nursing homes have to do is to turn patients plus move patients every two hrs and document such moves. However the bad rehab and care centers and bad nursing homes just let the patients rot immobile until they develop sores.

How do they break free with doing that? Here is what they do. They allow the patient to decay in bed, bringing breakfast and other foods to the room, not encouraging the sufferer to come out to the dining room. Then once they rot in bed, they begin to be able to not really move or turn themselves. This happens over time to patients in these bad centers. Once they cannot move them selves, they are getting worse, more harmful and sometimes die due to ulcers and bedsores.

Injury happens; patients may need amputations due to bedsores if they develop into gangrene. And then the routine goes over and over until the individual dies.
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And the bad rehab and care centers get away with this activity. And today, they are getting away with it over and over and over. How? They may be getting away with it because a lot of patients have no visitor that can see what the place is doing to the resident. And the really bad places try out their best to stop the other patients through having visitors. What can you do about this?

You can help also by reading through ALL the articles that talk about carelessness and malpractice inside nursing homes. Print out these articles here and have them circulated inside of libraries and other shops that give you permission to put these types of articles out there. If you are store proprietor, kindly post this article on your bulletins board and pass it around the colleges and other schools. Thank you for preserving lives. If you work in a medical home, I urge you to copy this and bring it inside the medical home and circulate it amongst family members and visitors. Please distribute the word. You can do this anonymously. Leave this in bathrooms in a safe place. Place one in peoples’ areas, of course with their permission. But distribute this word about what is happening inside of these bad rehab and treatment centers and nursing homes. Pass the world, just like they passed the word about concentration camps, spread it person to person, business to business. Thank you, learning much more here.

Please check the email box at the very top and circulate this to all your friends.

The average person would wince if they understood the truth. The truth is that each and every time, there are nursing homes and physical rehabilitation and care centers that make people sick. Instead of helping the individuals get better, they allow them to vegetate. When elder care abuse occurs in the nursing home or physical rehab and care centers across the nation, that abuse is more apt to be “covered up” because there are entire groups of people to do the covering upward. In other words, something happens inside of a rehabilitation and care center or nursing home; it happens in “one level” — for example , inside a patient’s room or in the restroom or other solitary places, and only that staff person sees exactly what that staff person is doing or has done.

Once this abuse is “discovered” within the physical rehabilitation center or nursing home -it may be the nursing home’s “job” to see this abuse is not ‘let out ” to the public. After all, the personnel, in reality is there to protect the medical home’s image and to protect the particular nursing home’s finances and long term FIRST -before they are there to guard the patients. Anyone who has been behind the scenes and inside of nursing homes can see that will in most places or in lots of nursing homes –the staff does just that – protects staff and the corporation through social and financial losses.

Among the worst abuses that some rehab and care centers commit are abuses where they permit sufferers (who are able) to recline in bed all day just because it is simpler for the staff to do that. Patients who else come into the center in fair situation begin to lose muscle because they are allowed to recline in bed for many extended hours during the day and night. These abuses are intolerable yet they continue to exist today in some centers and nursing homes.

Wheelchairs as Restraints: Another from the worst abuses in bad nursing homes is when they use wheelchairs since restraints. Wheelchairs are supposed to make inhabitants lives easier and happier. They may not be supposed to be used as restraints, but in the bad nursing homes and in the particular bad rehabilitation and care facilities, the wheelchairs are restraints. Most of the residents on their long term care floor are basically prisoners and they await hours to go to the bathroom even though they are fully aware they have to go plus they tell residents they have to go.

Most times, in these offending rehab centers, the residents are forced to wear diapers even when they do not want to wear a diaper. Would you want to wear a diaper if you did not need to wear 1? No . But in the offending rehab centers, the residents are forced to put on them. Their other choice is to sit in their wet, cold clothes for hours and hours (because no staff brings them to the bathroom). The staff keeps the residents in wheelchairs and diapers as being a matter of control, and as a few less work for them. (If the resident has no clean clothes, the particular resident (bound to his wheelchair cannot come out of the room and remains isolated in there). Once they are bound to their room, the personnel has less work. That is one less resident that they have to care for. Therefore watch out for places that use the wheelchair as restraints, because most likely they are going to use diapers for their convenience, and some patients do not need nor do they want to be in diapers.

Discern: What is the distinction between a place that is using wheelchairs as restraints and one that utilizes wheelchairs only when necessary? Look around. Get into many of the homes to visit. If you notice tons of people in wheelchairs, simply sitting around for hours (not intended for minutes), then you know that place is using wheelchairs as restraints. They make the people in wheelchairs wait and wait around and wait and wait for ordinary living things like having meals or going to the bathroom. The good place that uses wheelchairs only when necessary has residents in wheelchairs too, except the particular residents do not have to wait for hours and hours to the bathroom. The waiting time is usually cut down, yet in the offending locations, the waiting time is extented until no human being could wait around that long.

Good verses Bad: This is the difference. And you will know as soon as you walk in whether the home really cares for residents or whether the home is just out to make money no matter what the inhabitants feel like or look like. In the problem homes it is all about money. Within the good homes, it is all about making residents and families comfortable. Nobody is making a blanket statement against all nursing home. However , people who work inside of these nursing facilities and care centers are well aware of what is happening.. This article is about the ones that are lacking in care, lacking in respect approximately the ones that are daily breaking the law and a daily basis violating the residents, sufferers and visitors’ rights. There have been cases where staff inside of physical rehab centers and nursing homes have intentionally covered-up wrong-doings to protect their own jobs and to continue to collect money through insurance for the benefit of the corporations that owned the rehab centers and nursing homes.

Now, here’s the news breakers that you might want to notice:

Within some Nursing Homes and Physical Rehab and Care Centers:

There are some residents and patients who have to wait one hour or more or sometimes two hours in order to go to the bathroom. Sometimes when residents complain about the treatment or even complain about the lack of care, the residents are punished for talking out. This is why you will not hear the particular complaints of the residents who are at present inside these nursing homes and actual physical rehabilitation and care centers.
There are several residents who are emotionally forced into wearing diapers because the staff lets them wait so long to go to the bathroom and the residents know this and therefore they have to wear diapers against their own will OR they have to sit within wet clothing for hours because no one can or will take them to the bathroom when they NEED to go to the bathroom
There are sometimes walls of people in wheelchairs in the corridors. Some residents are place in ‘recliner-type’ wheelchairs which they cannot shift. Some sit for hours and hours in a corridor with no one close to. They are left in these chairs unwatched, unable to move, unable to get out of the particular chair; they sit and just hope that someone passes by. After that, when and if they are permitted to get visitors, the place changes “atmosphere” as well as the staff makes it appear as if these residents are actually getting attention and care.
There are some residents who are very scared to speak up or to complain about these places because they need to be there all alone with the staff plus SOMETIMES there are some staff who will retaliate against residents who complain about anything that happens behind the closed doors of these facilities. Speaking out there is a punishable offense (though it is far from legal, it still happens). Individuals and residents are being punished regarding speaking out. Visitors and members of the family are being punished for speaking away. And this is the very reason why community needs to continue to speak out : for the protection of residents throughout the United States of America and all over the world.
There is a most of staff –against a small amount of family members, when it comes to complaining to staff, whenever family complains “verbally”, those issues are and will be ignored; and when family complains in writing, those families are usually retaliated against and the facilities illegally stop visitors on false trumped up charges.

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